Patient Brochures

Patient brochures are a professional form of communication with your patients written in clear language and include comprehensive information on:


  • What are the ingredients in the product and why they are important
  • What makes this product unique
  • Who needs this product
  • Why this product is clinically effective


Patient brochures are a great way to educate your patients and improve their confidence and compliance.


Patient Brochures
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MediHerb - The Right Choice for Your Health

High-quality herbal supplements you can trust, only available through your qualified health care professional

Adrenal Complex

Natural Support for Stress

Adrenal Tonic Phytosynergist®

Support Your Resilience

Andrographis Complex

Strong Immune System Support

Artemisinin Complex & Myrrh Forte

Concentrated Cleansing Support

Ashwagandha Complex

Calming Support for Temporary Stress

Ashwagandha Forte

Rejuvenating Tonic for Stress, Immune System & Cognition 

Berberine Active

A Healthy Gut Makes for a Healthier You

Black Cumin Seed Forte

New Herbal Support for a Modern Lifestyle

Bone Complex

For Optimal Bone Support

Boswellia Complex

Insurance for Healthy Joints

Cat's Claw Forte

Restorative Tonic for Immune Challenges*

Chaste Tree

Natural Hormone Balance

Coleus Forte

Body Weight Insurance

DiGest Forte

Good Health Begins in the Gut

Echinacea Premium

Your Daily Immune System Support


Essential Support for Female Vitality

Garlic Forte

Unique Garlic Support

Gingko Forte

Mental & Circulatory Support

Gotu Kola Complex

Promotes Tissue & Capillary Integrity

Gut Flora Complex

Balancing Gut Flora


Supporting Sugar Metabolism

Herbal Throat Spray

Soothing Immune System Support


Aging Gracefully

Kava Forte

Nervous System, Sleep & Relaxation Support


Liver Cleansing Support

Metabol Complex

Multi-Action Metabolic Support


Healthy Nervous System Tissue Support

Nevaton® Forte

Manage Life's Ups and Downs Naturally

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex

Enhance Vitality & Stamina

Rhodiola & Schisandra

For the Challenges of Everyday Life


Clinically Proven Relief for Discomfort

St John's Wort

For More Than Just Mood

Thyroid Complex

Superior Thyroid Support


Maintaining Healthy Hormones

Turmeric Forte

Healthy Inflammation Support


Specialized Immune System Support


Essential Antioxidant Support

Wild Yam Complex

Natural Menopause Relief