Sinus Forte

Sinus Forte contains Eyebright, Golden Rod, Echinacea, Golden Seal and Cayenne to support the nose, sinuses and healthy upper respiratory mucous membranes. 


These herbs have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to: 

  • Maintain healthy and normal mucus secretion in nasal passages
  • Support healthy mucous membranes (particularly of the nose and sinus)
  • Assist in maintaining healthy breathing passages to support normal breathing 
  • Support outer ocular health*


The five powerful herbs in Sinus Forte contain iridoid glycosides (especially aucubin), saponins, flavonoids, dierpenoid lactones, caffeic acid derivatives (especially cichoric acid), alkylamides, alkaloids (especially hydrastine and berberine), pungent principles (particularly capsicin), carotenoids and other compounds. 


Caution: Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Contraindicated in known allergy to Golden Rod. 


Suggested Use: 1 tablet 3-4 times daily, or as directed.


Additional Support: 

  • Combines well with Echinacea Premium tablets or Andrographis Complex tablets for extra immune system support. 
  • Consider Vitanox® tablets for antioxidant activity.
  • Combine with AllergCo tablets to maintain normal respiratory tract function.
  • Combine with Herbal Throat Spray Phytosynergist® to soothe the throat.
  • Reduce or eliminate dietary intake of dairy products, refined carbohydrates, coffee, tea and alcohol.*
Sinus Forte