Artemisinin Complex

Artemisinin Complex is a unique combination of Sweet Wormwood and Sarsaparilla for depurative activity, this formula assists with overcoming special immune system challenges presented by our environment.


Artemisinin Complex is used traditionally to:


  • support normal flushing of natural toxins from the body
  • encourage healthy function of organs of elimination
  • cleanse the blood
  • encourage healthy bowel function
  • support a healthy intestinal environment


Caution: Contraindicated in those with known sensitivity to the pollen of Artemisia species. Contraindicated in pregnancy. Not to be used during lactation unless otherwise directed by a qualified health care professional. 


Suggested Use:


1 tablet 3-6 times daily, or as directed.


Additional Therapies:


  • Consider Echinacea Premium tablets or liquid, Astragalus Complex tablets or Andrographis Complex tablets for additional immune system support.
  • Combine with Myrrh Forte tablets for temporary relief of mild digestive disturbances and support of respiratory health.
  • Combine with Viranon tablets to promote the body's normal resistance function.
  • Consider Gut Flora Complex capsules to support a healthy immune system response and encourage a healthy intestinal environment.


Artemisinin Complex